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A server commited with players who likes fair pvp, fun with friends and real action battles

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    Post  AdminAlex on Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:47 am

    Hi everyone, we are honored to provide a nice server to play for all of you and that's why we try to do our best work whit this server. Now that you become into a member of this comunity please just pay atention to this simple rules, otherwize we will have to be on the embarrasing situation to punish the people who don't follow this rulez.

    1.- Respect all the players as L2-Honor Knights staff: remember that behind the char there is a person just like you, so prevent to speak whit rude words and insults against family or racism against nations, remember, this is only a game, we are not soldiers or politicians and we like the fair play and fun Wink

    2.- Avoid to use exploits or bugs: we are monitoring every player 24 hrs 7 days of the week, so please prevent your self to use any kind of bug or exploit over the system, once that the player it's detected whit bug or exploit code, it's kicked and banned without quotation and without the right to get the account free of ban.

    3.- Post your suggestions: try to post all your ideas to get the server better on the forum, this is not a requeriment but it's an easier way for us to work and remember all your ideas so we can evaluate, discuss and pick the ones that we belive that really works for the server, we will really apreciate all your contributions Wink

    4.-Dual box.- it's allow to use any kind of strategie on the game, including dual box (while it's not a GM or admin's Event) this is a way to help you to increase your equipment and we belive that you will use this one on the right way, remember we trust on you, so let us keep trusting Wink

    5.- Report any kind of bug or exploit: when you notice or see any player or class whit overpowered stats, please report it at the forum whit a pic included on your report, that way we can check the char or the class and it's a base that supports your report charges Smile

    Note: This rules are basic and applied to any player including Game Masters, any kind of violation to this ones will be punished whit jail or ban, we reserve the right to modificate this rules in case to be necesary.

    Respect this rules and enjoy the game, we are sure that if you do this you will have hours and hours of fun Wink thank's for your attention.


    Admin/Server Owner.

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