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    Post  AdminAlex on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:18 am

    I would like to introuce you our staff and explain somethings that can be useful for you and us to make the server works better, let's start introducing our staff:

    Nenita Admin/Server owner
    Stats management
    Rates management

    Alex Admin/Server owner
    Database Management
    General management

    Ok now that you know this let me explain how works our Admin system, admins can help you ingame to have a good game experience and provide solutions whit some doubts and troubles ingame, but for to have a useful system please report any kind of non-function, cheat or bug subjects at the forum adding a pic where you explain about this, that helps us to have a list recorded of pendants about the things that need to be fixed, we apreciate your help to make better our server and comunity.

    And remeber please admins are for to help you whit game experience and balance, we not provide items, or anykind of help in favor of any player, so please don't ask for that and evite us the shame to say no.


    Admin/Server Owner.

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